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Hunter-CRM makes it easy for you

  • With CRM, you save time searching for data
  • CRM helps you organize and achieve business objectives
  • With CRM online you always have your data at hand

Manage contacts

All your customer’s data in one place. Create tasks, calls and appointments. Synchronize these with your calendar.


Easily track leads

Create a quote in a few clicks and send it digitally from Hunter-CRM.


Direct Marketing

With Hunter-CRM you can send targeted mailings. You can easily choose your target group for a specific campaign.


Simple Workflow

With a workflow you can keep track of various parts of the work and business process. Make your workflow as extensive as you want.

CRM on your smartphone?

The Hunter Engineer app is specially developed for your employees who are mostly on the road.
All the necessary info close by.

♦ Digital signature on work tickets or other documents.
♦ Send signed tickets as PDF attachment by email.
♦ Add time and materials to a work ticket.
♦ Add work tickets or tasks to calendar.
♦ Call or email a customer from the app.
♦ Sensitive customer information PIN protected.
♦ Only show relevant information to the service employee.
♦ Quickly switch between the databases/files you have access to.

Hunter CRM maatwerk


  1. Contact the helpdesk:

    +31 88 110 1000

  2. Report the problem to the helpdesk
  3. Open the Cloud Support page
  4. He asks you to type in a code in the right pane of this page
  5. Download the program
  6. Click and open the downloaded file
  7. U bent verbonden met de sessie
  8. The helpdesk employee takes over your desktop session and will fix the problem


The ideal solution for your business mail!


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