Cloudservice vs Personal Cloud

The choice of a cloudservice is very personal. There are a lot of cloudservices, so how do I make the right choice? It depends on exactly what you expect of a cloudservice.
Do you only want a place where your data is save or do you also want service and maintenance?
Or perhaps you may want a fully intergrated cloudservice.
Also the choice depends on the devices you use: a Desktop PC with Windows, or an Android Tablet.

The benefits of a cloudservice

  • Service and maintenance
  • Daily backup copy
  • Helpdesk
  • No IT worries and no IT skills required

Benefits of a Personal Cloud

  • Often these are cheap but the amount of storage varies greatly
  • You manage everything

How does it work?
Most cloudservices ensure that your documents are available on different systems such as your smartphone, pc or tablet.
Usually you install a program on your pc. Your Cloud Service creates a folder where you can drag and drop your files.
On your smartphone you install the app’s service. Then you can access your data anywhere.
Dropbox or OneDrive are examples of these kind of services.

What does Hunter-CRM do exactly?

Hunter-CRM makes it easy for you!
You do not need to dive into ‘cloud matter’, we supervise the whole process.

“I’m a freelancer and I just want my mail en some data (Word and Excel files) no longer on my PC. Has Hunter-CRM use to me?”

Yes! We offer you a secure work environment wich can be approached from your pc, smartphone or tablet.
We use Remote Apps. This means that your data is in the cloud but it feels like you are working desktop.
Security and privacy are real keywords to us.

You can access your data via a secure way. Your data is stored daily in a back-up.
We take care of the firewalls, antispam, antivirus. Hunter-CRM supervises the whole process. You can access the helpdesk every day from 9.00-17.00.
In short: Hunter-CRM makes it personal.
No more waiting lines, always the same contact person.

Conclusion: Cloudservice vs Personal Cloud?

It depends on what you need. Consider the following:

♦ No need to delve into the ‘how’, you just want it to work. If you expect good guidance and personal attention than we recommend a cloud service.
♦ You have an IT background or won’t mind getting into the whole cloud matter then we recommend a personal cloud.