Your data, always within reach

The majority of the CRM providers offer a CRM package but no CRM Online, and that is exactly what you need!
You are on your way to your customer, and what could be more convenient than having all your customer data at hand on your tablet or smartphone? No disconnected documents in a folder or a notepad, but your own mobile work environment.
Hunter CRM Online makes this possible! It allows you to always have the latest data at hand.

Hunter CRM Online is linked with the most common mobile navigation apps like Tom Tom, Navigon and Maps. You can start the navigation from the contact card, without typing. Hunter CRM is easy to use and designed specifically for SMB’s. Our CRM is scalable and, additionally, affordable!

Try out our free offline CRM App and discover how convenient it is!
Do you want the more extensive CRM Online version? Please contact us.

Here are some of the options it provides:

  • Digital signature on work slips, tickets or other documents.
  • Call or e-mail an acquaintance from the app.
  • Sensitive customer information protected by a personal PIN code.
  • Send signed work slips or tickets as a PDF attachment via e-mail.