Forecast Management and Hunter-CRM

  • How do you make the conversion from customer to prospect insightful?
  • How do you find out how much time and money it takes to go from a prospect to order and sales?
  • How much time do I spend on the sales process?

What are the stages from a potential customer to an actual customer?

Suspect – Someone who is not yet aware of your offerings but has features to become a prospect.
Prospect – Someone who is(has been) in contact with you
Qualified – A lead with the possibility to ‘buy’
Offer – You have made an offer
Closing – Your offer is in the final phase
Order – Your potential customer becomes a customer

What is forecast management?

Utilizing Forecast management makes the business future more certain.
This is achieved by using information and analyses of opportunities and trends from the past. These factors combined give a picture of the future (forecast) that helps us to approach customers in a focused manner.

There are many automated forecasting systems, but not many vendors predict their sales based on intuition. With our Hunter CRM package, it is possible to combine your own intuition and the “rational” side of an automated system.

But what then are the points of interest one should pay attention to?

  1. the accuracy with which the needs are assessed
  2. problem definition
  3. the role and position of your interlocutor
  4. your unique value as a provider (wherein do we make a difference?)
  5. competition
  6. the budget of the purchasing party
  7. decision
  8. what is the deadline for delivery?
  9. payback for the prospective customer
  10. relevant references
  11. customer loyalty (repeat purchases)

When you enter company and contact information of the prospect, the seller is asked to answer the questions above.
The system then calculates what the success rate is.

Forecast management and Hunter-CRM

How does the seller obtain the right answers?
It is the seller who deals with the customer and thus hears, sees and feels things.
Thanks to our CRM system it is easy to answer such questions and also to approach a customer in a more targeted manner. This eases the process of making sales forecasts, which in turn lead to better sales.


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