Hunter Apps

Nowadays, an app is almost indispensable because everyone uses a smartphone.
But only 4.7 percent of salesmen in the field have access to a CRM app on their smartphone or tablet. As a result, they often miss out on current customer information. This is a thing of the past with our CRM app.
Hunter CRM has developed several CRM apps. The Hunter-Online Edition, the Offline Edition and the Hunter Engineer App.

With our app you have the possibility to register hours and project management and much more like:

* Create, edit and view contacts, accounts, leads, work orders, reports.
* Send Contact details as a vCard per email.
* Create, edit and print Quotations, Orders and show Invoices.
* Signing Quotations, Work Orders.
* Sending Work Orders as PDF to relations.
* Keep track of your time and materials on a work order.
* Record a conversation report per relation.
* Add work orders and tasks to your calendar.
* Call or email a relation from the app.
* Offline access to your customer base.
* View all your logs and To-Do’s via your contacts sorted by date.
* Quickly switch between the Databases you have access to.