What is Hunter-Cloud?

Hunter Cloud provides a complete cloud service. You rent a secure environment and perform your work as if you were working on your own desktop. Your desired software is on our server. All the maintenance is done by us. That’s working in the cloud, that is Hunter Cloud!

Most cloud services only manage your data. You rent a ‘secure environment’. We offer more.
With Hunter Cloud you work in the cloud and you no longer have to buy, manage and keep up-to-date your software yourself. You work with Remote Apps.This makes you feel like you are working locally, but you work safely in the cloud. With Hunter Cloud it is not necessary to purchase licenses.


Cost reduction

With the Remote Apps you have a cost-effective solution for a fluctuating workforce or rapidly changing business needs. Expand quickly and, for example, give trainees, suppliers, or large groups of new employees access to enterprise applications without having to pay for new servers and expensive on-site infrastructure, and then scale back when business needs change.



Hunter Cloud offers a protected solution for delivering applications. Applications are never sent to or stored on employee devices. They are centralized on the same trusted and reliable platform used by support authorities, financial service providers and other large organizations to deal with sensitive information. Users can access their business applications through Microsoft’s certificate-protected Remote Desktop Protocol.



The reality shows that more than 2/3 of the entrepreneurs have experienced that making backups did not get enough attention and that important data was lost. Hunter Cloud cares!
Your data is safe and we make a daily backup.
With our cloud service your data is accessible 24/7. Only if you have an internet connection.
And most importantly: This data is stored safely. Hunter Cloud manages the Firewalls, Virus Scanners and Anti Spyware. Our security software is always up to date.