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Hunter-CRM: Tailor-made software!

Tailor-made software

We offer a flexible cross platform CRM and ERP. Do you need specific adjustments? We tailor the software.
Hunter CRM makes it possible to optimize and maintain your customer base and is easy to adapt to the unique requirements of your company and industry.

It is essential to know and record as much as possible of your relationships. Only then can you optimally anticipate what concerns them.

Relationship management:
Relationship management forms the basis of our Hunter relationship management system. Through the Hunter-CRM system you have all the desired information of your relations in the same place.

Choose the Activities module and record all activities of and for your relations. For example, you can request a return from the person to whom you transfer the activity to see if any action has been taken already.

Visit report:
An indispensable module for salesmen and receptionists. Your employees record all incoming and outgoing reports so that you have a clear overview of everything that has been discussed at all times.
In addition, follow-up actions can be planned and can be transferred to third parties.
If desired, you can request confirmation of settlement from the person to whom you have transferred this promotion.

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Direct Mail:
This very powerful module allows you to send correspondence to a targeted audience. You write your message only once in standard correspondence, select the companies – and contact persons – to whom you want to send this correspondence. You click on the button: ‘process the selection’ and Hunter does the rest.

This module is intended, among other things, to make sales forecasts, and enables you to make an overall estimate – based on an individual basis – on which you can adjust your policy.

This module gives you the opportunity to make offers directly from your Hunter relationship management system and then store these directly under the project data. By just a few mouse clicks your quote is made.

Sub items:
Also called composite articles, this module gives you the opportunity to combine the various (sub) articles to come to a composite article.

Order & Purchase:
Full control of goods still to be received, has never been easier. With Hunter you are assured of a complete control of all your purchases and you always have the right advice at any time.

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Time registration:
This module is not only a registration tool for tracking hours but also gives you the opportunity to determine the internal and external prices of your employees without any difficulty.

Price agreements:
Not all your customers pay the same prices for your goods and / or hours. Your organization does not always pay the same price for the goods or hours that you purchase. In this module you can easily record the price agreements.

Link with accounting software:
The Hunter relation management system is a commercial application, specially developed to offer your (sales) employees maximum flexibility during the entire quotation and order or project processing process.
Hunter CRM links with the most common accounting software that seamlessly connects to the system.
A Link is possible with Account View, King, Exact and Snelstart.